Dark Web Market List integration and listing

  • Hi Guys, any plans to get listed as a currency of exchange in one of the well-known dark market places, like Alphabay.

    This can help in more adoption for Shadow coin?!

  • Makes no sense, also there is a good reason markets like this dont accept SDC as payment.

    You will see, SDC wont need any centralized Darknetmarket for increasing Adoption.

    Sdc is a stand alone Product, like its supposed to be.


  • Hey sdc-linux,

    If those markets are interested in SDC coins and are willing to adopt it why not… Once these users will know you can trade SDC into SDT (anonymous) and you need Umbra platform to do so, they will find out more about this project, market, encrypted chat etc… They will be hooked instantly and use this to do commerce as well.
    Could be a nice way to go mainstream and they NEED Umbra for security reasons so I dont see the harm in it.


  • they wont accept it, since centralized Markets are useless and risky (exit scams, takedown… ) compared to something like Umbra. Sure it would be good for Volume and Price, but the logical reason is that they would never accept it, because they like to make profit :D

    Do you think that these markets would be an asking party for ShadowCash? Without paying them fees or anything?

    I think we can only cheer if the volume goes up…
    Isn’t there a market that implimented shapeshift or something like that? So i believe they could alreaddy play with SDC.

  • i heard there will be news on Monday at https://decentralize.today/ lets see what will happen then :D

  • I can’t remember the last time I said cant wait until monday!

    @sdc-linux Do you know perhaps around what time the news will be released?

  • different time zones everywhere :D

  • Those markets are very slow and hesitant to implement other currencies. There is only one market so far that accepts monero, the other one pulled an exit scam if you believe the various sources out there. So there’s some risk attached.

    In an article I read that alphabay, the other market that implemented xmr, sees only 2% of sales in xmr.

    But the real reason why it would be very very weird for them to implement sdc (or rather, sdt!), is that Umbra, the marketplace that will be developed upon sdc, might be seen as direct competition. I highly doubt a single market would support that coin, tbh.
    So from that perspective, it would be a waste of time, tbh.

  • The umbra market will take the power away from owners of these markets, it would be a step sideways in my opinion. I also think the real possibilities for the umbra market are outside of darknet stuff, although I’m sure they will be the first to check it out.

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