Development Update April - Phoenix!

  • Shadow Team
    This update is about the progress we’ve made in April. Some of the topics have already been covered a bit in our previous development update and other topics are completly new.

    This project is funded 100% by the community, please consider donating to our fund.

    • Official BTC donation address: 1GiosBkSpN8RS9pm1kgZU8AZUBEnLKYFem
    • Official SDC donation address: SdcDevWEbq3CZgZc8UNbST1TaYLA5vLZTS

    If you have never donated, please consider doing so. If you don’t have any money, consider contributing your time and experience to our project. Hell, even popping by to have a chat and thank the team is a nice gesture.

    If you’re a programmer in any language, don’t hesitate to contact us, we always have an idea for a project in the back of our minds!

    If you can write in multiple languages, then join our translation effort here.

    To those that have donated, contributed and keep our chat alive: you are part of the group of people that drive us, thank you.

    ###Shadow Installer
    We have made a few mockups of what the installer will look like and decided to share it with the community. We’re still playing around and paused the development on the installer because we have to spend the limited time we have on the truely pressing matters.
    Begin installation
    Settings overview

    Let us know what you think, we’re always up for a chat on our Slack channel!
    If you want to read more about the installer I’d like to point you to our previous blogpost.

    ###Microsoft Azure
    The ShadowCash team is pleased to announce that it has gone into the Microsoft Azure program via their Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform.

    What is Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft. It is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which allows clients to build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft-managed data centers.

    What are the benefits?

    ShadowCash providing a blockchain platform in the cloud is immensely valuable for both Azure and the ShadowCash ecosystem. Azure is innovating with different Blockchain technologies and is able to experiment with new frameworks and tools. Our users on the other hand are able to support the network by running a full ShadowCash node in the cloud. Our collaboration with Azure will be excellent for the testing and development of ShadowCash itself and for anyone building applications on our framework.

    Where do I get these goodies?

    A user of our community named HyperSpaceChain / dahaka has been a tremendous help in getting everything set up. Unlike some shitcoins that used Azure for nothing more than a cheap hype, we took this matter more seriously. We’ve been added to the BaaS Artifacts and included is a detailed tutorial tailored to setting up Shadow. Check it out here!

    ###Shadow ATM
    The team has also been taking up some side projects like bringing ShadowCash to ATMs! We’ve already programmed everything and are awaiting the integration into the existing network of ATMs.

    The ATM software is open source which allows us to implement this on our own time, we still have to wait for the ATM producer to verify and accept our pull request. We’re optimistic that it will be merged soon.

    We’ll provide more information once the pull request has been merged, until then we won’t be disclosing anything.

    ###Trello Community Hub
    We want to involve the comunity more in the development of some projects. That is why we made a community trello open to the public! You can view it over here.

    The community can make suggestions and we’ll add it to the Trello community board. We hope this sparks some creativity and action, so you can help shape our project in a more direct manner. Every contribution counts!
    Quick Links

    We got a bit tired of constantly being bombarded by our new members that are searching for all the URLs they need. So we’ve added a “Quick Link” navigation bar to our website, so if you need anything it’s probably right there :)

    ###Isidor Zeuner
    We think it is time to clear the air up once and for all about Isidor Zeuner. Currently he is unresponsive to both e-mail and telephone so there is that. The funds are in his control, but remain untouched.

    Let us be clear that this is not the end of this story. We’ll make sure to give his name a bad reputation on any online freelancing platform he resides.

    This guy became a ghost, his website went offline and his telephone numbers became unresponsive. We’ve been digging through heaps of information and everything leads to a dead end. This guy might as well be dead.

    If anyone has any information about Isidor Zeuner, then contact us on Slack.

    Is this the end for a cryptographic review? no.

    ###Future Development
    There are currently a lot of tasks in progress, most of them nearly finished. We’ll be releasing more details once we have a viable solution ready. We have a few surprises ready for you.

    Best Regards,
    The Shadow Team

    Donation address: SPJfRzAaKQ3CRPyDycmfzmJFvU33uURGmp


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