Shadow Marketplace Alpha (private) *request invite*

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    As always, we want to be up front with you, our fans – we’re doing a small closed Alpha soon and we want to make sure you are in on it first. In fact, for being such an amazing community here on our forums, you are the first to know about it.

    However, this test round is not only limited to a small number of participants, it is also mostly for developers and people that know code. We have some very specific reasons for this as it’s a crucial learning opportunity for the developers. If you think you are up for the task do not hesitate and ask for a invite in this topic, we’d appriciate it if you could let us know who you are (experience) and how you can help us.

    Of course we wish we could have you all join in, regardless of your skillset or otherwise. That said, Alpha is just the beginning and it won’t be your last opportunity to help us test before we launch. When Alpha testing is done, we plan to do 1 or 2 correction rounds, after that we will launch a public Beta where everybody can join.

    Thank you to all of our fans. You have shown an unbelievable amount of excitement and dedication. We can’t wait to get our hands on the test data and feedback from all of the users and look forward to hearing about your first experiences.

  • I’ll be really happy to participate!

    Not exactly a programmer, I’m rather front-end dev/web designer, so dunno if I could help out this way (not to step in crz’s territory :)).

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  • Damn same here but would like to check it out for an invite? Have a buddy thats interested in viewing the code also !

  • I’d like an invite to help with testing if the dev team deems me worthy.

  • Shadow Team

    me too please … I do not want to miss out on the action :p

  • Shadow Team

    @edu said:

    However, this test round is not only limited to a small number of participants, it is also mostly for developers and people that know code.

    Only people that know me? Jeez what an honour!
    J/k I’d love to get an Alpha invite!

    Donation address: SPJfRzAaKQ3CRPyDycmfzmJFvU33uURGmp


  • I’d like an invite as well #pleasethankyou!

  • Yes please.

  • well i have no skills at all so i know i am not qualified to test it but still wanted to comment and say awesome work to all the team!
    thank you for your hard work it is appreciated and soon recognized on a much larger scale.

  • Hi ,

    I’m not a skilled programmer but I’ll be glad to participate

  • Hello dear people living today ;)

    I like to test the Shadow Client and the latest features in different operating Systems including Tails and some other ones who are dedicated to anonymity.

    Since i truly believe in the pure Freedom of Shadow i like to spread the knowledge. So people can have 1 Client for many functions (open source, decentralised, free) not like how it is today… 20 Clients, expensiv, closed source… bugs over bugs.

    Very Glad that a few people can manage to create such great inspiration starting from the scratch to the top.

    Blessings to everyone who push this project.

    Best Regards


  • Keen as, haven’t programmed in over a year but i know and love cpp and Qt

  • I would like to participate.

    Cryptopassionate since one year and a half, I think what I could help most on the market would be bug testing and social support.

  • I would like to participate and help out. I would check in from time to time about how the project is going, and think being more active would be nice.
    Python, J, Prolog, that sort of thing is what I’m comfortable with, and of course TeX. (I’m in math, but more involved in entrepreneurship than most people there.)
    I like the client and interface. It’s rather tight already and is moving in the right direction to wider use IMO, which is that users don’t necessarily have to do much to get moving and everything important is straightforward.
    So interested in an invite.

  • Great to see some reall activity going on!

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  • Full stack python dev here. How can I help?

  • @paradox Hi ! Are you on our Slack ?

  • @ffmad
    Yes, I’m on slack, same username.
    Sorry for late reply. I wasn’t subscribed to this thread.

  • I’d love to truly poke around and have mad engineering experience but likely won’t be able to dig into the code. If you’re looking for a highly technical tester, I can probably spare 1-2 hours per week on this. Same username on Slack.

  • Here’s my request for invitation. I might be able to help with some web development. Same username on slack.

  • Hows it going?

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