Shadow Giveaway Thread

  • Hello everyone and welcome. A while back DaDon made a giveaway thread intending to give away 100 SDC in 5 SDC incremements to newbies who downloaded the wallet and wanted to try Shadow out for themselves. He was a bit busy for a while, so I basically took the thread over for him. He since has donated about 500 SDC for me to keep it going. The old thread is here:

    That thread was getting very long and hard to read, and the OP was a bit out-dated. So I am creating this new thread as replacement. The goal here is to get newbies to download the wallet to experience Shadow for themselves. To get the wallet, download from here:

    For faster blockchain download use the bootstrap file:

    Once you have the Shadow wallet, you need to create a stealth address for the giveaway. Stealth addresses are used for sending the anonymous Shadow tokens (SDTs), while regular addresses are used for sending regular ShadowCoins (SDCs).

    To create a stealth address, go to receive tab, click new address, and click the stealth address box. Stealth addresses are much longer than regular addresses and begin with a little “s”. To start I will be giving 10 Shadows (SDTs) to anyone who posts a stealth addy. If there is a lot of interest then I may lower it down to 5 SDTs.

    Once you have Shadow (SDT) you can either change it back to SDC by using the Shadow>SDC option in the wallet and sending to one of your stealth addresses. Or alternatively you can send a Shadow>Shadow transfer to yourself or a friend by also sending to a stealth addy.

    Also here are some more links for newbies to get started:

    About Shadow:

    Join Slack group:

    Join IRC:



  • very nice man! i was new and this guy sent me shadow cash thanks !

  • Allright I’m in :) ; smYpCD7pL1fpncFj5Su6ohunJfdNXgfoKXEANXi4nzHXJ8TiSDdubxmaMe87bNE8WdxToYSNjb2YNbhSk4ztKwbi1kVqinh2XgAgzV

  • @P4ndoraBox7 Sent! :)

  • @Pline Wow, really fast :P Thank you :D

  • awesome! thanks! :)

  • @nuke Welcome, sent you 10 Shadows (SDT). You can change them to SDC by using the Shadow>SDC option in wallet and sending to a stealth address. Alternatively, you can use the Shadow>Shadow option and send them to yours or a friend’s stealth address.

  • well, i’d like to try shadowcash too: smYoBkjZK4JJ5uqKmQCWYTVxKBXk8MBRvNLc291779Newy48A77cDsjK4WSVk9qurhpx3NFx2DjoPAWYio5tfFdKGobyUS8WoZEE5J
    thx in advance :)

  • smYiMvrTgP1DB8dT8qL2R83eGEcncgRMN1rXVZPhx3QpSutb55DD1DagVyMxDx89NpHX34ykzxNNgN7dm77WkniMaNDwLcP8Xj1zsA


  • Welcome lolo and Serotonin, sent both you guys 10 Shadows. If you have any questions about the Shadow Project, feel free to ask.

  • @Pline … thx, but i didn’t receive anything yet. has the wallet to be in full mode to receive stealth payments? it was in thin mode and now i changed to full mode and its now doing the blockchain download/bootstrap thing… maybe the transfer will show up when its done. ill keep you posted…

  • Yeah! It worked now … thx @Pline
    after i disabled the thin mode and the wallet was done with syncing the blockchain (which took like 9hrs), the 10 Shadows appeared in the wallet :) and on top of that i received some 0.01 shadow payments from a faucet website i used 2 weeks ago ;) … back then i thought those faucets are a fraud because i never received the shadow coins. so it’s pretty awesome that this came thru now as well. i guess that’s some sort of bug of the wallet when it’s in thin mode (or was initially installed in thin mode without doing first a full sync in “full mode”).

  • @lolo Good to hear you got it fixed lolo. It seems thin mode has been causing some issues from time to time. I had some issues with it too. I heard there are some wallet updates coming soon, so hopefully any bugs will be fixed soon.

  • smYj8oTgVFv46DWsrQqvVUj9CPkFPj4EtjdcFEKa6FYevwAabNZ3k9W45zq5cXLaX6o9i1i8xniciDC3ooMNdzPBjqWp86dP3kd45F Thank you!

  • SNsnh1Jun93XESFbgAahCoPnpGwSWrAgRo -me
    SSXRSCY8v1eg5zYKa8d1H5wo6oDkoKvLzH -my sister

    I have two sisters but that will be too much :)

    Thank you very much

  • @shadowtrial

    Welcome Shadowtrial. Sent you 15 Shadows. You can change them to SDCs by using the Shadow>SDC option in your wallet and sending to another stealth address. Also you can send the Shadow to yourself or a friend by using the Shadow>Shadow option and also sending to a stealth addy.

  • @sjena

    You are supposed to create a stealth address within your wallet. Shadow the anonymous tokens can only be sent to stealth addresses. To make a stealth address go to the receive tab and click new address while ticking the box that says stealth address. Stealth addresses are longer and also begin with a small “s”. While regular addresses begin with a big “S”.

    Regular addresses are used for SDC>SDC sends only. That being said if you do not post a stealth addy soon, I will send a small amount to your regular address later.

  • smYirdBW8GrdFWqeF5k9DA3y9XHDCPCnu4jUEeap1TCTdSBsKxitVta5AyXkAbgDPASjCHwHUjUcPTxE1GvyFK9yqr9X5PQ97e4mYa

    thanks somebody gave me some SDC i hope shadow will up high !!

  • @yizwiz33

    Sent you 10 Shadows. Also in case you did not know, if someone has given you some SDC, you can convert your SDC to Shadow (aka Shadow Tokens aka SDT). To do this just use the SDC>Shadow option in your wallet, and send it to one of your stealth addresses. Once confirmed on the network, you will have effectively changed your SDCs to Shadow, minus the network fee.

  • SaUMMVY7iVGXC98vnBC84fzCbgBiWPQ2YJ

    MY SDC address :)

  • @waterpile

    Welcome waterpile. You posted a regular address, but its better if you post a stealth address. To do this you need the official ShadowCash wallet. You can download it here:

    It takes a bit of time to download the blockchain, but you can speed up the process a lot by using the bootstrap file here:

    To create a stealth address just click on the receive tab in your wallet. Then click new address and when prompted tick the box that says stealth address, then press ok. To use the anonymous Shadow Tokens you need to use a stealth address. Using regular SDC addresses are transparent the same way as Bitcoin and you CANNOT use regular addresses for Shadow–>Shadow, SDC–>Shadow, or Shadow–>SDC transfers.

    Also you will know its a stealth address if its a longer address and begins with a small “s”. Regular addresses are shorter and begin with a big “S”

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